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This unique 12 month 11x17 large print colorful wall calendar
displays and explains the Bill of Rights, the proper use of them and
how they apply to us today.

You and your family will love the message of
truth and  FREEDOM all year long.

Give yourself, your friends, and clients this unique Freedom Calendar.
It's factual Historical information makes it a concise educational document. 
Information in your daily calendar which is most needed
and appreciated in America today.

The Freedom Calendar is  a great educational tool that is cherished
and most often saved every year. 

That's saying something, because of its message of TRUE FREEDOM
very well explained.

Remember, seeing is believing!

It is important that we educate our people with the truth for true liberty.
  You and your friends will love the Freedom Calendar.

People often say . . .
"Where did you get that?"  "This is very interesting."  "I didn't know that."
  "Can I have another."  "This is great, my friend must see this."
"Your calendar is great."  "We love your calendar and sure enjoy it."

Yes, there are many styles of calendars available for you to choose from,
for every taste from "soup-to-nuts" -- but,
the Freedom Calendar out shines them all.
- for the information and needs in today's society, such as:
Freedom of Speech - Press - Religion - Assembly - Jury Power - Petition Redress

  • Need for the 2nd Amendment
  • Why the 3rd Amendment?
  • Our 4th Amendment Security
  • 5th Amendment Protection
  • 6th Amendment - Guardian of Liberty
  • 7th Amendment Safeguard
  • 8th Amendment Purpose - ("I'm tired of being mulct".)
  • Rights of the 9th Amendment
  • 10th Amendment Powers

The Freedom Calendar does its silent, sure message,
explaining the principles of America and TRUE FREEDOM.
You will appreciate how our Creator and Forefathers want us
to have TRUE FREEDOM.   You'll like its results!

Order the limited edition 2012 Freedom Calendar today while supplies last

(Print Order Form)
(mail orders only)

The old story . . . 
If you Don't Know Your Rights, you don't use 'em.
If you don't use 'em you lose 'em!

The Children are going to pay and pay dearly . . . So are we . . .
If we don't LEARN to use 'em . . . We have NO CHOICE!
   If we expect our children to  have the blessings of Liberty, they must
know and understand their RIGHTS
as our Creator intended for us.  How can we expect to know how to use our unalienable Rights if we have never been taught them? 
Pure facts throughout . . .

Take particular note of our Allodial Land Rights.
Most state Constitutions declare all land to be Allodial. 
ALLODIAL: "Free hold; free of rent or service: held independent . . .
opposed to feudal."   (Property in land is NOT taxable)
-- Webster's Dictionary (1828)

Order the limited edition 2012 Freedom Calendar today while supplies last

(Print Order Form)
(mail orders only)

The Freedom Calendar is the easy way to learn the proper use
and function of each of our unalienable RIGHTS.

The Bill of Rights is the Supreme Law in the united States.

The Bill of Rights shouts:
"Thou Shall Not" on each right -- these are the government's "Shall Nots,"
NOT -- We the People.   This is an excellent reference guide.

Only three federal crimes existed at America's founding: 
Treason, counterfeiting and piracy on the high seas. 
Now, there are many thousands, including entrapment schemes!

The Freedom Calendar helps in court actions:
serving on a jury, on trial, answering judges.

Quotes from our Forefathers, on Law, and Scripture -- A great gift idea!

The Freedom Calendar shows and explains how government goes outside of
the law set-up for the government to function.  It shows where it
steps out-of-bounds, OPPRESSING our people with higher taxes,
controls and inflation, unstable money buying less and less.

  These explanations about our RIGHTS are very well explained and defined.

The Freedom Calendar shows where the Jury has the undisputed
Authority, Power, Duty and Right to NULLIFY any bad law before them.
The Peter Zenger case in New York established the precedent of jury
power in 1735, a First Amendment case in his newspaper.
They nullified A BAD LAW by VOTING "not guilty." 
This is real JURY POWER and FREEDOM in action.

The Freedom Calendar exposes courtroom crimes by judges. 
It shows how to use your 5th, 6th and 9th Amendment Rights correctly.
  The 7th Amendment:  In any controversy over $20 the right of
trial by jury shall preserved. 
The original Bill of Rights and functions are very well explained.
This is a MUST!

An ideal way to teach our children and promote and learn FREEDOM!
The Ideal Gift!

Order the limited edition 2012 Freedom Calendar today while supplies last

(Print Order Form)
(mail orders only)

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Want additional information?  Plans/Prediction in 1910, in Congregational record 1957, warning in 1965 to America. Planned 3 world wars, race riots and the troubles we have today.
Lots of additional information on health, taxes, freedom, etc.   A bargain for $12.00.

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TEACH your Children the easy way with the


The Power of the Calendar
for the 21st Century!

The Best Educational Tool in over 200 Years!

2nd Amendment Right
". . . the 'militia' cannot be sent overseas to fight wars.  It is purely a domestic arm of the governors of the several States. . ."
-Justice William Douglas, Laird vs. Tatum (1972)
The Constitution grants NO authority to FORCE "FREE" people to contract with "private" companies . . . the people's wealth is being seized unconstitutionally . . .

The  Patriot Acts reflects the alarm of our founders.  "When a government wishes to deprive its citizens of freedom, and reduce them to slavery . . . it generally makes use of a standing army
(more police)."

Last updated 08/07/2011
Freedom is on the march.
Download your free pdf copy of
The Citizens Rule Book
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2nd Amendment
State Governors commit treason
sending National Guard troops
over seas . . .
3rd Amendment
Modern wars would be impossible without paper money, now computer entries . . .
4th Amendment
No one has the authority to instigate the implanting of  any tracking, chip, or vaccination in any man.
9th Amendment
I will timely exercise my 1st, 5th and 9th Amendment Rights to remain silent and not to speak or write on paper.
Are you arrogantly ignorant of your rights and duties?
The height of Tyranny is Gov't theft with NO jury trial enacting Bills of Attainder.
Learn what a C i G is - Learn how to STOP them.
Learn the proper use of your 5th Amendment.

Know your  RIGHTS
"Government is a trust, and the officers of the gov't are trustees; and both the trust and the trustees are created for the benefit of the people."
-- Henry Clay, 1829
Instead of . . .
Cry, Holler, and Moan
Let's do something tangible . . .
Learn our Rights
with the
Freedom Calendar.
Be Aware . . .
anytime we sign a
government form
(1040, loan application,
etc.), we are in
jeopardy of
fines or prison.
Learn what a C i G is - Learn how to STOP them.
Bills of Attainder . . .
a destroyer of nations !
Learn what it is.
By inflation, govt's confiscate secretly the wealth of their citizens . . . not one man in a million is able to diagnose.
We must not let our rulers load us with perpetual debt. (T.J. 1816)